Always expect the unexpected!

This was by far the easiest and most cost effective front door redo of my life! So much so, that I have a back and side door that are next on the list as soon as it quits raining.
Here is the front door I started with…

I hated the color, there were random screws and holes all over the door and I’m no longer a fan of the brass plate or knob. I really did not like this door. On top of my strong feelings of dislike I also want people to start using our front door. For some unknown reason most everyone we know and don’t know, pulls all the way to the back of our house and comes to the back door. We have a front porch that someday will be beautiful (still a work in progress) and I want people to start using the front door of my home. So, I knew I wanted it to be flashy and welcoming. While I was at the Haven Conference this past summer I learned of a company called Modern Masters. They have a wide variety of specialty paints for all sorts of projects definitely worth you looking into. I did and their newest product was a front door paint that you could use and still be able to close your door in just a few hours. They even have a really cool app that you can use to choose your front door paint and see it before you actually paint! I did the cool app then I went to the website to purchase. I chose the color “sophisticated” which is a rich bright red. The Quart was only $34.95.

The color was perfect. I did do a bit of prep work on the door. I wiped it down really well with soap and water. I removed the door knob and all the random hooks, nails, and screws. I filled all my holes with wood filler and let it dry. I went back and sanded all the areas I had filled and then filled them again for good measure.


I wiped down the door once again and then I began to paint. I started with all the inset areas and corners.


I went back with a small smooth roller and painted all other areas. I let it dry and repeated the process once more.

The Sophisticated door was turning out beautifully with this Modern Masters front door paint. I was loving it. Then I realized it looked so beautiful I couldn’t just slap that ugly beat up brass knob back on there so off to Lowes I went. I found exactly what I wanted and it was only $65. I was so tickled. I paid $34.95 for the paint and I had only used about a quarter of it. So I’ll be able to use it on other projects as well. I brought in Adam to help with the new door hardware.


IMG_6089.JPG A bit of banging, drilling and chiseling away at the door and we were done. Here is the completed project.


IMG_6093.JPG I think my new door is stunning and I can’t wait to decorate it for the holidays. I’ll be sure to post pics when I do a little beautifying.



On the first day we knew we needed light. We love the space in our kitchen but it is not the best lit area of our house. With only 8ft ceilings and plenty of attic space above we decided to go with recessed lighting. I put up plastic to protect from the dirt, dust and disgusting old insulation..

photo 2recessed lights

Adam bought a recessed lighting kit at Home Depot and as usual he suited up to take on this task.

photo 1recessed lights

It was no easy task and Adam even called in a friend for help. (Thank You Scott Tanksley!)

The major issue was the awful loose insulation. That will definitely have to be addressed at a later date. It was a must that they wore protective goggles, respirators, and mask during this project.

photo 3recessed lights


A few hours later or 7 the recessed lighting was in. I was thrilled!

Now, which bulbs do I buy?

It just so happened that while I was at Haven we received a Cree light bulb in our swag bag. I was delighted to know their would actually be someone to discuss my lighting dilemma with. We had purchased a few bulbs to get us by while we were deliberating. There are just so many to chose from. I spoke with a Cree representative and she agreed to send me a hand full of bulbs to try out. I was elated. We received our Cree LED BR30 flood lights soon after I was home from my trip,

cree bulbs

I was so excited not just because we were getting a few new light bulbs but also because of the knowledge I gained. With the Cree bulbs you get the look and light of an incandescent while using 85% less energy. This means lower cost to us the consumer. The “other” bulbs I had gave off an almost dingy yellow hue. The new Cree bulbs  instantly give off a beautiful warm glow and since they are in my kitchen I was thrilled that they were also dimmable. The biggest thing for me though honestly was the heat factor. With these bulbs being positioned right over my work space in the kitchen I was concerned with the heat they would put off. I was very surprised that after being on for over an hour they still weren’t hot. Warm yes, but not hot. For someone with a family of 5 who spends a lot of time in the kitchen this was huge.  We still have tons to get done, but never again will we wonder which way to go when it comes to lighting. Cree it will be for us.

cree recessed lighting

You can find your mercury free, beautifully lit, energy saving, Cree bulbs at your local Home Depot or online here. Once you have them they guarantee they’ll last you up to 25 years with average use which is about 25,000 hours. Now that’s a bulb that deserves your loyalty.

*Cree did supply me with a few bulbs but the opinions here are 100% my own and I truly love these bulbs!

Hope this brightened your day,


I had begun to wonder if maybe I had made a huge mistake. Let’s face it with 3 children with dirty hands touching everything and kicking refrigerator doors shut, stainless steel could be a filthy problem. I’ve been scrubbing doggy nose prints and kids fingerprints off my appliances for years! Then I went to Haven. There I was introduced to EnduroShield. It seemed so simple to use but, I must say even after seeing it with my own eyes I was a skeptic. I mean yeah sure it works right here in front of me but could it stand up to the battle of the Hill’s?

psjvp mini fridge before photo 2

I seriously doubted it. It had to be too good and too easy to be true. Right??? EnduroShield claims that the once only application reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. That’s a mighty big statement.

So, I got home and gave them a call. I wanted to see what this stuff could really do. Could it stand up to my fab 5? When I received the package I was surprised. It was so small.


The box was about the size of a Cracker Jack box.
I figured there was no way I could do all my appliances but the more I read it said it covers up to 20 square feet! I was thrilled.
I opened my box and I got to work. It was as easy as 1-2-3. Literally three easy steps and I was done.

eduroshield product

Step 1: Clean surface with the Restoration polish provided in the easy to open packet. (This step only need be used if you have difficult to clean stains and streaks. which I did)

Step 2: Apply pre-cleaner in circular motions also provided in an easy to open packet.

Step 3: Wipe down with Eduroshield then wipe with microfiber cloth also included in kit.

It took me a total of 35 minutes from start to finish to do all my appliances which include our farm-house sink, refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, our small coffee bar sink, and our mini fridge. That’s a lot for one little box.

I even cut the wipes in half when I opened the packets. I did this just to make sure I had enough to go around and they didn’t dry out to quickly. I had plenty but I just wanted to be sure. This was simply the quickest and easiest cleaning project ever.

It has been a week now and the water still beads up beautifully in the sink.

beaded water in sinkbeaded water on small sink

The refrigerator is fingerprint free and I am one happy lady.

photo 4after fridge


For when I do need to wipe down those easily removable fingerprints all I need now is my microfiber cloth which was included in the kit.


The kids are always spilling water from the door down the refrigerator. Now, a wipe with the microfiber cloth and the streaks are gone. Cleaning has never been easier and anything that can make cleaning easier I’m in! They make EnduroShield for tile and grout too. Can you imagine no fuss cleaning for tile and grout!  What if you never had a need for elbow grease again on those shower doors? Glass can be a breeze to clean with the EnduroShield for glass. EnduroShield did provide the product for this project but all the opinions here are 100% my own. I was extremely impressed with the ease of use and the amount of coverage you get. The kit I used can be found at your local Home Depot for under $20 or follow the link  here to buy online. Just like everyone’s family mine still make messes but EnduroShield has made clean up 90% easier for sure. I am beyond happy with this product, will definitely be using it again, and can’t wait to share my results with you.

Happy Cleaning,




20140722-095742-35862614.jpg  I just showered with the shower head I received from WaterPik while I was at the Haven conference in Atlanta. It’s called the Spray Shaper and it was amazing!!!! I had what I thought was a pretty cool shower head before and honestly when I first saw the Waterpik spray shaper I thought ” huh that’s cool but mine at home is bigger”. However, I finally broke down and installed it (which was a cinch, it doesn’t even need pipe tape). It was so easy to install I thought I’d done it wrong.


Then I got in! Holy cow it was amazing. This is one time my friends that size did not matter!! It’s easy to adjust which is cool because I always get so frustrated when I get in the shower and someone has messed with my water flow. With five people sharing one stand up shower due to all this construction, that happens a lot. Now, with a simple twist I’m back where I want to be. Yay! Achey DIY muscles are no match for this bad boy. I really love it, in fact the kids are no longer fighting about who “has” to go first but who “gets” to. I did receive this item at Haven but I promise I will  getting more for our other two bath rooms as they are rehabbed. You must try one for yourself. They can be purchased at your local Home Depot. The Water Pik Spray Shaper with power spray+. Oh I’ve never felt so clean!


Finally after agonizing over butcher block or granite. The counter tops are in! We got a fantastic deal we couldn’t walk away from! He is a local guy in Murfreesboro but travels to surrounding cities and states. If you’d like his info let me know. He and his guys did a beautiful job and we couldn’t be happier. This is the first time something has been done in this house that Adam hasn’t done totally himself. I think he REALLY enjoyed it.😃









No counter top yet but we’ll show you that as soon as it’s done. Decisions, Decisions.

This is the never ending kitchen! OMG! We had originally planned to redo the ceiling which is a hot mess. 20131123-161657.jpg

However, there were so many options and things to consider we just couldn’t come to a final solution. So, in order to keep moving forward we took a totally different and unconventional approach.

Listen, I watch enough DIY to know we should be working top to bottom but we just never have liked following the rules so, of course Adam and I yet again are doing things backwards. We got the floors in so now we are putting in an island. This was no easy task. It took us two days just to make a decision. But we did and I think we did it right! Here is the story of how we built our custom kitchen Island.

The story begins with yet another visit to Home Depot. We decided to purchase a 48″ base sink cabinet. After Adam did the math it was cheaper than building this part from scratch. We brought the cabinet home and the project begin.

We came home and placed the cabinet exactly where we would want it. This was an important task since this will be a permanent fixture in our kitchen. Next was running the electrical to it. This isn’t something you would have to do but I want to use this area for cooking so this is a great asset. Our island will also be used as a serving station during gatherings and now you have a place to plug in warmers and crock pots. Adam ran electrical under the house and gave me to electrical boxes. One on either side of the cabinet. I love it. He’s electrifying! LOL.



Remember the orange chevron cedar that used to line the walls??? Well that came back into play on this project.



We have been storing this cedar since we removed it from the wall. We had no clue what we would use it for but today it came in very handy. We flipped it over put the rough side down, lightly sanded it, stained it with Minwax Polyshadebis Mission Oak, and nailed it to the cabinet. 20131123-174231.jpg This stain was the same stain we used on the coffee bar butcher block counter top. On the island we just used one coat. I think it’s beautiful I love it and I’m so proud of all the work Adam has done. We are a great team! Here are some pics of the work in progress. 20131123-174501.jpg 20131123-174531.jpg  20131123-174621.jpg 20131123-174638.jpg 20131123-174710.jpg 20131123-174747.jpg

Other tools needed for this job…

20131123-174845.jpg 20131123-174903.jpg 20131123-174930.jpg



Topped with a beautiful piece of granite and voila!20131219-074856.jpg

Island Complete


We have been on pause but over the last few weeks Adam has gotten back to work! We removed all the nasty, stinky, laminate. Yuk!

We then took FOREVER to choose a floor. We looked all over. Big box stores and smaller ones. Then Adam began his online search. He finally decided to go with Build Direct
Then we sent off for samples. Build direct will send you your first 5 samples free! Yes I said first 5. Because you know we needed more than 5. We ended up with about 13 samples by the end of it. We went back, forth and sideways until finally coming to a decision. We decided to go with a 12mm Wide plank hand scraped natural acacia. It even has a lifetime warranty! Adam & I are huge Build Direct advocates now. The service was amazing. The delivery was timely and efficient. They were wonderful to deal with. The choices they had were way beyond anything else we’d seen. Now even the quality has exceeded our expectations. Needles to say we were very happy. We are just about 3/4 of the way complete it’s taken about 8 solid hours so far. The boys have been a huge help. I just keep everyone fed and clean up around them. I must say I am so thankful for the men in my life. I have 3 truly remarkable ones! Here are a few pics of the process. I’ll be sure to share more when we are complete. Oh and when your done here hop on over to and see what we have going on.






We are slowly but surely making progress. It’s only a little at a time as we have been more than overwhelmed with all sorts of family activities. However today Adam put in our prep sink at our coffee bar and we are both just tickled as can be!!!! Baby steps are still steps in the right direction! Thank you my fabulous handyman!



We ar still in this kitchen working away. It’s taken longer than we expected to recover financially from Christmas so rehab has been going slow. This week we tackled the Acacia butcher block counter tops we will have in the kitchen. We have one 8 ft piece as of now which will cover our coffee bar area. We have run the plumbing and will eventually have a bar sink there as well. So, this week we I say we and you all know I mean Adam, that’s understood right? Yeah ok so “we” routed the edge because I like that much better than the straight edge. Adam used his Ryobi router using a 3/8″ round bit.


Now that the route ring was done we wiped it down with a damp cloth (I actually did do that) then we began the staining process. We used min wax in the mission oak gloss stain and poly in one.

Adam applied the stain with a stain sponge. We only got one coat on so it’s not quite done. We will have to do a bit more work. This was a big job to get moving on though considering all the other little projects that are constantly going on when you are Rehabbing a house you live in. Here’s a pic of our project.





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